The Future of DIY – Sprouter


Client: CASAfacile
Assistant: Astrid Luglio

Objects designed for a monthly Italian magazine CASAfacile.
The Future of DIY is a monthly column of projects and tutorials that explain in simple terms what rapid prototyping technologies are and how they work. Using 3d printing, laser cutting and CNC technologies TourDeFork designs easy and accessible DIY projects which can be downloaded for free from the magazine’s website and taken to the nearest FABlab to be transformed into real objects.

For the month of May 2015 we designed an easy to assemble Sprout Jar with a CNC walnut wood stand and filter lid, the jar we used is a 1/2 litre cylindrical jar made by WECK. There are quite a few commercial sprouters on the market, but none of them are very attractive. We liked the simplicity of just using a tilted glass jar to grow sprouts so we tried to improve it with an elegant and practical solution.