Insect Terrariums – Valcucine

Client: Valcucine
Event: Insetti Toccare per Credere
Designed with: Simone Simonelli

For many years now, Valcucine through it’s Eco Bookshop in Brera/Milano has been committed to promoting and stimulating environmental awareness, by organizing seminars and sponsoring exhibitions. The four terrariums were conceived as mobile islands, which allowed kids to approach insects from a different point of view. The two designers (Stefano Citi – TourDeFork & Simone Simonelli) carefully combined and tailored the modules to meet the needs of three separate entities – Valcucine’s need for aesthetic identity, children’s need to learn and explore and above all the complex need of all the different species of insects, inhabiting the terrariums. The display cases look like miniature transparent architectures, which offer uncommon points of view for insect observation. They also have simple and intuitive gears and mechanisms that encourage observers to delicately interact with the insects , without harming them.