Client: Miele Italia
Assistant: Astrid Luglio
FabLab: OpenDot
Photos: Claudia Castaldi

In ancient times, in a period prior to the concept of the modern kitchens, communal ovens were public spaces where citizens took their dishes, mainly bread, to be baked. Communal ovens were an important part of a communities public life, a space for people to meet and exchange stories and gossip, whilst waiting for their bread to bake.

For this reason the Public Oven Project retains its evocative appeal, people are attracted to this modern interpretation of the communal oven, allowing us to create interactive events full of meaning and content.

Thanks to the Public Oven project, from May 2015 to the end of October 2015, the Miele Gallery in Milan will live a social rebirth, becoming a place to meet, share, work and learn. A place for discovering new types of flour and exchanging sour dough, but also a place to understand how important the oven is in process of bread making.