The food industry is a complex system of highly skilled and specialized figures, TourDeFork places itself as an intermediary, interpreting and creating new culinary experiences, products and visual languages.

TourDeFork – culinary creative consultancy is a multidisciplinary design studio inspired by food and food culture. Founded in 2011 by Claudia Castaldi, photographer & food stylist and Stefano Citi, product designer. The studio works with a wide variety of clients from multinational companies to small local producers, restaurants, chefs and magazines, offering the following services:

  • Visual Communication
  • Packaging design
  • Food styling and photography
  • Product Design & Development
  • Interactive Culinary Events

Companies approach us seeking innovative solutions in the visualization and fruition of food. What makes the studio unique is its ability to handle a wide variety of creative fields, from graphic development and packaging , photography, food and product styling, art direction and product design. All these aspects are handled internally and in parallel, allowing effective multidisciplinary collaborations with our clients and allowing an efficient coordination of the entire creative process without unnecessary expenditure of resources.
Selected Clients:
Miele, Colussi, KitchenAID, Braun, Unilever, Martini, Mondadori, Samsung, Nastro Azzurro, ValCucine, Spotti, Casa Morimi, Pasta Garofalo,